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Strengths-Based Economic Recovery for Small Business

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This 1-hour interactive Zoom video webinar is intended to build support for Small Business Owners and those who support this market with ideas and a strategy to pursue a Strengths-Based approach to economic recovery. The session will primarily have a New Zealand context, though content will potentially have relevance for other parts of the world. While knowledge of CliftonStrengths will be helpful, it is not essential to get value from this webinar.

Hosted by Christopher Miller and Antonia Milkop

Online Event - Wednesday, 24 June, 7pm to 8pm

Key topics we will explore include:

  • Leveraging the 4 CliftonStrengths domains (Influencing, Executing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking) to promote business recovery
  • Lifting the 4 Needs of Followers (Hope, Trust, Stability, Compassion) during these unprecedented times
  • Refocusing on key markets over the next 12 months (e.g. winners and losers from Covid-19 impact and the government’s rebuild budget)
  • Planning and investing in local, regional, national and international Covid-19 recovery (Slow, Medium and Fast).

In you have any suggestions or questions in advance of this session, please reach out to Christopher Miller or Antonia Milkop, organisers of Kiwi Strengths Enthusiasts Meetup.

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