Above: client testimonial from Antonia Milkop

As an adult I don’t know when I stopped dreaming; dreaming of my possibilities, what I could achieve and what I could become. I don’t know when I stopped designing a life with focus as I deal every day with an extremely crazy busy work and personal life, with non-stop deadlines. Working with Chris has made me invest time and energy into me! Chris has helped me refocus, consider what I truly value in my life and reflect on my life purpose. Meeting regularly with Chris has empowered me to reignite my dreams and concentrate my energies into redefining my personal goals and imagining new possibilities. I am back! Back on my journey; a better life filled with happiness and fulfilment, and working toward living “my dream”.Carolyn Shields, Head of Property and Asset Management, Summerset Group Holdings Limited
Chris is passionate, caring, and proactive in his approach to life - and brings this energy and enthusiasm to his work with clients. Chris is definitely an "A" Player - he participates fully, inspires others, and adds huge value to whatever he is involved in.Stephen Lynch, Head of Strategy & Consulting at RESULTS.com
Amazing coach, inspiring and caring. Chris really gets the best from people and delivers life and business coaching in an easy to understand and down to earth, compassionate and respectful manner. I just spent 3 hours with him for life on a page development which was life changing. Give Chris a try you won’t regret it!Rebecca Fisher, Market Access Solutionz
ChrisMillerCoaching offers me another perspective, not by presenting it to me but by challenging my thinking to find it myself. I am always amazed at the value of my sessions with Chris. He is encouraging, challenging, works with what’s good about me, he’s not trying to change me, just to “enhance the existing model”. My coaching sessions are about stepping back for a moment, understanding what I really want, what motivates me and then using that to achieve those goals. Personally, I believe that success comes about when we develop habits that support our objectives. One of the best habits that I have developed to support the success of my own coaching business is to see Chris once a month. It stops me from “doing” and gets me “thinking”….and thinking leads to well directed actions.Lyncia Podmore, YOU Coaching Ltd
Chris is an amazingly capable coach. He has an infectious enthusiasm for life and a passion and a knack for helping others discover their passions. He then draws on a vast amount of experience to facilitate the client, at their own pace through the process of understanding and then creating their dreams. You may find other coaches as talented but I believe it is impossible to find one better.William Hurley ASQ CSSBB, Enterprise Delivery Manager at Kiwibank
Welcome to NZ, welcome to our world, thank you for taking a part in it and an invested interest in it, thank you for sharing the journey that has been...you are very dear to me because you CARE and are so GREAT at what you do. Never stop, never falter, BREATHE for you have been that for me as a coach and I will always consider you amongst friends - high praise my dear.Lisa Martin, GoFi8ure
I have been more than impressed with the direction and ease of which Chris has provided us and continues to provide us with results orientated coaching. His international flavour and experience adds depth to our goals and strategies.Carmen Elliott, Team Member at Della Randall LEADERS Northside Real Estate
Chris Miller - possibly the most valuable hour I have spent in recent memory. Your insight and ability to concisely identify the issues and strengths I can apply to address them were amazing - you made me feel comfortable, valuable, and I left feeling I had some constructive guidance with which to move forward. Thank you!Anonymous
We have had the pleasure of working with Chris for nine years now. Initially, Chris' weekly coaching sessions provided such a positive environment of productive and focused professional development that we were able to advance our business in ways unimagined before we met Chris. He helped us pull our business apart and put it back together in ways we had never thought to consider or question, or dared to do ourselves. In more recent years, we have continually brought Chris back into the fold for his professional input; whether for a day, a finite set of weekly sessions, or a year’s recommitment to elevating our business. A consummate professional, Chris constantly provides coaching methods to help us be the best, creatively and professionally speaking, we can be. I could not recommend a finer business coach. Turn up to a meeting with Chris and unload your weekly woes; be amazed at your levels of drive and focus when you leave the session.James Blackie, Owner, Page Blackie Gallery
Chris' weekly session of facilitating an environment of positive, productive, focused business development has provided us with the vision to develop our business to levels unimagined 16 months ago. A consummate professional, Chris constantly provides coaching methods to help us be the best, creatively and professionally speaking, we can be. I could not recommend a finer business coach.Anonymous

Clients I feel proud and privileged to have worked with, past and present.

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