Creating Your Dramatic Point of Difference, Blunt Overt Benefit and Real Reason to Believe!

One of my marketing heroes, Doug Hall, wrote two fantastic books entitled ‘Jumpstart Your Business Brain’ and ‘Jumpstart Your Marketing Brain’. I love Doug’s work because it is fundamentally based on evidence, but yet his theories and marketing models also appeal to my imagination and intuition.

My favourite concepts from his books involve discovering or creating your:

  • Dramatic Point of Difference
  • Blunt Overt Benefit
  • Real Reason to Believe

Each of these items alone can make a tremendous difference to your life or your business but, taken together, they can create extraordinary results.

Dramatic Point of Difference:

What is exceptional about you or your business? What sets you apart dramatically from your competition? Why should people notice you? The answer to these questions should begin to shape your Dramatic Point of Difference. In order to demonstrate, I’ve captured some of my own personal answers to these questions, which have helped shape ChrisMillerCoaching’s position in the New Zealand market and beyond:

  • I am a Canadian living in Wellington with 22+ years executive, business development and marketing experience in both the UK and New Zealand
  • I am a Gallup-certified strengths coach
  • I have overcome a personal crisis of enormous proportions, and have drawn significant learnings and insights from the experience
  • I have 10+ years experience as an Executive, Business and Personal Coach

From the above, which item strikes you as my Dramatic Point of Difference? For me, my personal crisis jumps out as the most significant point of difference, and I am getting more confident about sharing with others when the time or place is appropriate.

Blunt Overt Benefit:

What do you offer your clients consistently? What problem are you here to solve? How would your clients describe the product or services you provide?

I recently had a long-term client of mine introduce me to a friend as her business coach. He then asked, ‘ So how do you do what you do, Chris?’ to which my client replied: ‘Chris helps us articulate our dreams, and then helps us achieve them!’ I was so humbled and proud in that moment. Inadvertently, my client had found the words for my Blunt Overt Benefit…

Real Reason to Believe:

Real Reason to Believe is your evidence that what you claim to be your Dramatic Point of Difference and Blunt Overt Benefit are TRUE! In the case of my own coaching practice (ChrisMiller Coaching), some of my evidence includes:

  • Trained with The Coaching Academy (UK), (NZ) and Gallup (USA) as a Business, Personal, Executive and Strengths Coach
  • Estimated one on one coaching in excess of 3000 hours over the last 10 years
  • Positive and thriving relationship with one client for over 10 years (ongoing)
  • Coach of coaches
  • Proud to engage my own personal and business coach who help me thrive
  • Compelling and humbling testimonials from current and past clients (

At the junction of Dramatic Point of Difference, Blunt Overt Benefit and Real Reason to Believe lies your Brand Promise – your commitment to your clients, without fail, every single day. (Ideally described in 8 words or less!).

At its heart, my Promise is to ‘Inspire Success, Happiness and Fulfilment Through Business’. I sincerely believe that each person on the planet is hear for a reason, cares about their own unique set of values, and has their own definition of Success, Happiness and Fulfilment. I believe my role in life is to help everyone I meet reflect, define, create and experience a life worth living.


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Christopher Miller

I am passionate about helping and inspiring small business owners to create their purpose, live their values and experience success, happiness and fulfilment by owning a business they can be proud of.
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