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I have always been curious about humanity’s individual and collective intelligence. I admire Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences) and Daniel Goleman (Emotional / Social Intelligence) as authors in this space, and have been inspired to simplify and expand on their models of intelligence. There may be an unlimited number of intelligence domains, given the diversity of human excellence, but I have attempted to characterise intelligence into 8 distinct categories.

IQ – ‘traditional’ intelligence: problem solving, mathematics, logic, language

– High IQ individuals include Gary Kasparov, Christopher Michael Langan, Jodie Foster, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicole Kidman

EQ – emotional intelligence: self-awareness / self-management / social awareness / relationship management
– High EQ individuals include Princess Diana, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey

PQ/MQ – physical and musical intelligence: spatial awareness, kinaesthetic excellence, major and fine motor skills
– High PQ/MQ individuals include elite athletes, Mozart, Michael Jackson, The Beatles

TQ – technological intelligence: effective use of technology to meet or exceed goals and improve life; inventors / early adopters / early majority
– High TQ individuals include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford

AQ/FQ – abundance and financial intelligence: the ability to create what you wish for, bring goals to fruition; the ability to create financial wealth for yourself and others
– High AQ/FQ individuals include Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Warren Buffett

iQ – intimate intelligence: the ability to attract and build a life with an intimate partner; building an intimate relationship including romance, physical attraction, sex and pleasure for yourself and a partner
– iQ is prevalent on MTV and likely a feature of every passionate relationship

SQ – spiritual intelligence: the ability to feed your soul, feed others’ souls and contribute to the collective soul of humanity
– High SQ individuals include Deepak Chopra, Mother Theresa, famous religious leaders in history

UQ – universal intelligence: the study of the Universe and everything in it
– High UQ individuals include Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, every famous scientist in humanity’s history

Questions that may be worth asking include:
– What is my dominant or strongest category of intelligence?
– Where is my weakest area or area for greatest development?
– How do my strongest intelligences reflect the way I live my life or pursue my most desirable objectives?

For me, it is fascinating to consider the breadth of human intelligence, and the opportunity for everyone to discover their area of strength in order to build a life or career they can be proud of.


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Christopher Miller

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