My First 100 Days as an Entrepreneur

Following 22 years of employment, I recently joined the ranks of the self-employed by launching my own business and personal development coaching practice ( The business had been 2 years in development, with the service model, branding and client attraction / retention strategy constant areas of discussion with my circle of advisors and friends in business. The first 100 days in business have brought:

– ​Complete creative freedom (vs the restraints of employment)
– Time is my own and a 9-5 rhythm a thing of the past
– Being my own boss – only one person can hold me accountable for my commitment to the business (though friends and family help cheer and nudge me along)
– A feeling of Unlimited Potential (financial, client impact, self-expression etc)
– ‘Sick days’ and ‘unpaid leave’ become meaningless when self-employed; it all results in lost opportunity
– Adding value wherever I can, and realising that everyrelationship has the potential to grow my business or boost / damage my reputation (even when you least expect it)
– The realisation that people are willing to pay me for the value I can add to their business or their life
– The security of regular paychecks are a distant memory; invoicing for my time / value is the new normal
– Operating solo can be lonely, but business advisors, strategic partners and great clients can fill the need for social interaction.

Above all, I expected fear, stress, uncertainty and a few crises as I launched this business. None of these have materialised, which suggests I am on the right track, very lucky, living my purpose and loving the joyful experience of running a business I am extremely proud of!! 


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Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller

I am passionate about helping and inspiring small business owners to create their purpose, live their values and experience success, happiness and fulfilment by owning a business they can be proud of.
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