My Favourite Clifton Strengths Self-Coaching Questions (based on my Dominant Themes)

The following list of questions, based on my Clifton Strengths Dominant Themes, are those I use all of the time to keep making progress and experiencing Success, Happiness and Fulfilment in my Life. Based on your own themes, what are your favourite self-coaching questions?

Maximiser – What is the ONE Thing I can do TODAY to improve or simplify my life and business? (inspired by The ONE Thing – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan)

Learner – What is my next Greatest Imaginable Learning Challenge?

Connectedness – If ‘everything happens for a reason’, why am I experiencing this right now?

Input – How can I use my archive of tools, resources, information and stories to help others achieve their dreams?

Woo – Who will I meet today, and how can we help each other towards Success, Happiness and Fulfilment?

Positivity – Who needs a little lift in mood today, and how can I help?

Activator – What project or task will I get started today, and how does it align with my Greatest Imaginable Challenges?

Individualisation – What talented person do I know who can help me achieve my Greatest Imaginable Challenges?

Includer – How many people can I share my dreams with, in the hope that they might help them come true?

Intellection – When do I do my best thinking, and how do I leverage those moments to solve my greatest challenges?

Belief – Why is my Journey totally congruent with my Purpose (Make Dreams Come True) and Values (Family, Health & Well-Being, Life is Fun & Easy, Honour the Evolution, Live Life out Loud, Creative and Financial Freedom, Thirst for Knowledge, Hunger for Experience)?

Self-Assurance – How can I use my Self-Assurance and Learner to invest in becoming the expert thought leader I know I am capable of?

Communication – Coupled with my Woo, why do I love ‘dancing in the moment’ of a coaching conversation, and how can I use these talents to ‘change a life in an hour’?

Life is Short – Dream Big – Live Your Dreams


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Christopher Miller

I am passionate about helping and inspiring small business owners to create their purpose, live their values and experience success, happiness and fulfilment by owning a business they can be proud of.
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