My Favourite Clifton Strengths Self-Coaching Questions (based on my Dominant Themes)

The following list of coaching questions, based on my Clifton Strengths Dominant Themes, are those I use all of the time to keep making progress and experiencing Success, Happiness and Fulfilment in my Life. Based on your own themes, what are your favourite coaching questions?

Maximiser – What is the ONE Thing I can do TODAY to improve or simplify my life and business? (inspired by The ONE Thing – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan)

Learner – What is my next Greatest Imaginable Learning Challenge?

Connectedness – If ‘everything happens for a reason’, why am I experiencing this right now?

Input – How can I use my archive of tools, resources, information and stories to help others achieve their dreams?

Woo – Who will I meet today, and how can we help each other towards Success, Happiness and Fulfilment?

Positivity – Who needs a little lift in mood today, and how can I help?

Activator – What project or task will I get started today, and how does it align with my Greatest Imaginable Challenges?

Individualisation – What talented person do I know who can help me achieve my Greatest Imaginable Challenges?

Includer – How many people can I share my dreams with, in the hope that they might help them come true?

Intellection – When do I do my best thinking, and how do I leverage those moments to solve my greatest challenges?

Belief – Why is my Journey totally congruent with my Purpose (Make Dreams Come True) and Values (Family, Health & Well-Being, Life is Fun & Easy, Honour the Evolution, Live Life out Loud, Creative and Financial Freedom, Thirst for Knowledge, Hunger for Experience)?

Self-Assurance – How can I use my Self-Assurance and Learner to invest in becoming the expert thought leader I know I am capable of?

Communication – Coupled with my Woo, why do I love ‘dancing in the moment’ of a coaching conversation, and how can I use these talents to ‘change a life in an hour’?

Now that you’ve pondered some of the questions that make me tick, how about exploring your own? Visit CliftonStrengths to find out more about unlocking your true potential or get in contact today in starting your coaching journey.

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