My Top 10 Life Hacks

Everyone seems to have their own version of ‘Life Hacks’ at the moment. I share this not to be followed or copied, but to inspire you to come up with your own Top 10 Life Hacks list. What makes Your Life more bearable, enjoyable or wonderful?

1. No devices (for the whole family!) between 8pm and 7am. My 10 year old and I are pretty good at sticking to this rule, while my wife and 15 year old cheat when school and/or work demand a compromise.

2. Clear, delete, reply, file into folders all e-mails at least once per week to create an empty inbox! At the moment, I am happy and comfortable delivering this life hack for 2 of my 3 e-mail accounts; the third account is shared with my wife and we aim to clear it monthly…

3. Dinner with the family, no TV and no devices at least 6 of 7 days in the week!

4. Preview/read e-mails on the phone, but don’t reply until in front of a computer or iPad – gives me time to reflect and think about the reply before dealing with anything requiring diplomacy or sensitivity.

5. Devices are for entertainment or learning while travelling, NOT for communication or business efficiency. I am a reluctant multi-tasker – taking an important phone call while on public transport or driving in the car (for me) is a recipe for disaster… either the call will be handled badly, or worse, I jeopardise my own or others’ safety. I am happy with my music list or a TED Talk while travelling, but all phone calls or text messaging can wait until I arrive at my destination.

6. When the weather is inspiring, put on your headphones and walk to work, find a public space (Wellington Botanics, Oriental Bay etc) to appreciate during the day. When I need to focus and concentrate on a big issue or my Greatest Imaginable Challenge, I will often substitute my music selection for the sound of nature, depending on where I am and what my objective is.

7. Be curious – ask the people you care about all the questions you wished other people might ask you…find out the Hopes and Dreams of those you love!

8. Create disciplined habits that support your Health & Well-Being – how can you lift your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Community, Social, Financial and Purpose Well-Being? Pick one and do something new TODAY!

9. Do what you Love & Love what you Do!

10. Make Dreams Come True – start with yourself, then with those you Love Most in Life!

A great first step in the ‘Life Hack’ world is to start with an understanding of yourself. Are you a high achiever driven by the motivation of completion? Does your empathy and connectedness for others brighten your day? Start your journey of self discovery by coaching to personal success.

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Christopher Miller

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