Top 10 Brands I Love – for purely personal reasons!

Weet-Bix & Cadbury Drinking Chocolate – 15 years of breakfasts and ‘Scottish Suppers’ before bedtime for two of my favourite people in the whole world!

Disney/Pixar – Because they know how to ‘make people smile’ and deliver animation with emotion and inspiration. Too many individual films to mention… probably a future blog post!

Apple – phones, music, laptops, AirPods, chargers – I am surrounded by the magic of modern technology. As a relative technophobe, I am grateful for the joy and efficiency I get out of all of our Apple devices. In the last 6 years, has enabled a business launch, PhD completion and 50% of high school to be navigated successfully.

DocMartens – I am on my feet all day, most days facilitating client coaching sessions or strategic planning workshops. Size 6 men’s shoes are often difficult to find, except Doc Martens who stock the same comfortable and stylish shoe from children’s to adult sizes, with few exceptions.

All Blacks – Legacy by James Kerr is a masterpiece in revealing the Culture and Leadership principles that embody the great All Blacks brand. Living in New Zealand, I use Legacy often in creating a metaphor for successful businesses.

Audi – we have a long history littered with 2nd hand Mazdas and Nissans. For our family, nothing has compared to the Audis we have owned (all still 2nd hand) and the joy we get from both owning and driving this brand. My Bucket List includes investing in either the e-TT or e-R8 to be launched in the coming years…

Queen’s & McMaster Universities, Canada – both played a huge part in inspiring my love of life-long learning and set me up for rewarding careers in Pharmaceutical Management, Management Consulting and Business Coaching.

Levonelle & Mirena (Schering Health Care / Bayer) – 1997-2002: some of the best years of my life including many professional achievements such as managing over 50% of the UK’s hormonal contraceptive market, launching the UK’s first over the counter emergency hormonal contraceptive (Levonelle) and an elegant new insertion technique for the Mirena Intra-Uterine System (IUS).

Gallup – amazing Intellectual Property, highly talented Thought Leaders in the Management and Leadership space; my library includes over 15 exceptional publications or workshop materials from the Gallup stable.

ChrisMillerCoaching – (couldn’t help myself!) – Launched in September 2017 as a re-brand from my original company Growth Through Coaching, CMC is my pride and joy and my first purely solo business venture. I am proud of the brand, but also proud for what it stands for – Personal, Confronting and Inspiring Coaching for Business Owners and High Performers!


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Christopher Miller

I am passionate about helping and inspiring small business owners to create their purpose, live their values and experience success, happiness and fulfilment by owning a business they can be proud of.
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