Clifton Strengths Metaphors Through the Movies!

As a Clifton Strengths Advocate and Coach, I am always on the lookout for great metaphors in life representing a particular Clifton Strengths theme or even the philosophy of Strengths itself!

Many of my favourite movies resonate with me because of my own Top 15 (my Dominant Themes) or simply because they reflect my Belief that we are all uniquely gifted, and our Success, Happiness and Fulfillment will be determined by our ability to leverage the gifts we have been innately given.

Here are my three favourite film sequences with reference to the Clifton Strengths Philosophy or particular individual themes…

Kung Fu Panda 3 (

In this terrific scene, Po and the Panda Village build a creative defence and attack plan against Kai and his Jade Army, using the unique talents of each and every village resident, including the children. From ribbon fighting, fireworks, dumpling rolls to a snowball, every trick and talent they can think of is used to defeat the enemy!

The Matrix (

Neo’s early introduction to the concept of The Matrix involves ‘plugging in’ and downloading extreme amounts of knowledge and skill into his own brain (hard drive). His training in complex martial arts in an instant, through downloaded information appeals to my Maximiser (#1), Learner (#2) and Input (#4). I have often thought of the value of learning to speed-read, as a similar strategy for rapid learning, only to realise that my desire to Enjoy the Journey and Savour Every Moment exceeds my desire for rushing through Life.

The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 (

Miller family favourites which take our collective unique talents (Individualisation #8) to the next level! Each member of the Parr family is gifted with one or more individual talents. In the first movie, we fall in love with what makes a great Team and a great Family – each person being true to who they are, being loyal to each other, and using Super Powers to get out of any situation!

In The Incredibles, the members of the Parr Family each have a single key talent/Strength that defines their Super Powers (Elastagirl’s elasticity, Mr Incredible’s super strength, Violet’s force field and Dash’s super speed) and we are left curious about the baby’s (Jack-Jack) as yet unrevealed talent. 

The Incredibles 2 focuses on the emergence (and chaos!) of Jack-Jack’s amazing and exhaustive list of Super Powers, and the impact this has on Bob and Helen Parr as parents. They struggle to control Jack-Jack’s behaviour and actions, until they simply let him ‘be’ himself! 

Modern parenting has similar challenges, with an unbelievable array of opportunities and expectations facing our children. A Clifton Strengths-Based approach can help parents and their children make great choices along the way.

I would love to hear other people’s Strength’s Metaphors, for their own Dominant Themes, or those of the people around them!

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