Top 10 Coronavirus Contingency Questions for Business Leaders, Their Employees, and Customers

As a business leader, I have a responsibility to guide my workplace. The world is currently in a challenging place, not helped by fear of taking over control from rational decision-making.

Winston Churchill once said, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a DECISION.” So what will you decide to do – for your family, for your business, for your customers?

Every crisis has a silver lining in some way, you just have to look for it. The list below represents thoughtful and measured actions or reflections that have the potential to help others navigate the global Coronavirus crisis. I would welcome hearing from everyone about how Action overcame Fear that resulted in an Insight or a Desired Result.

1. How is every individual, including the leaders in the business, publicly role-modeling appropriate Ministry of Health recommendations especially hand washing (with soap!), discipline, and self-isolating (stay at home if you are sick!) policies?

2. How will you ensure that all public communal areas (kitchen, meeting spaces, bathrooms etc) are well-cleaned or sanitised throughout your business (all locations – local and global)? How much more are you willing to pay your cleaning staff and/or your regular staff for increasing their cleaning frequency rotation?

3. How could each individual do their job, and enhance their value to the business, if they were quarantined for at least 14 days, including the leader of the business?

4. If some/all staff are in quarantine, what are your technology and communication capabilities to keep the business going for at least a month? What will be your remote-working meeting rhythm? Have you discussed and prepared for this?

5. How can you continue to serve your clients, and potentially attract new ones, even if your supply chain or client community is disrupted by Coronavirus?

6. How might you use a potential company, community or country (think Italy) quarantine as an opportunity to improve or simplify your business?
– Get on top of ‘back-room’ functions
– Plan for the future accelerated growth of your business post-crisis
– Connect to key staff and customers to enhance relationships

7. How might your business grow substantially as your key marketplaces recover from Coronavirus? What can you do to minimise fear, and maximise positive actions among employees and customers?

8. Which markets/customers are likely to be your ‘first responders’ following Coronavirus recovery?

9. How will you ensure you keep your loved ones safe through the crisis AND continue planning and supporting your business?

10. What are the most important insights or learnings you will derive from the Global, National and Local impact of Coronavirus?

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy!”
Dale Carnegie

Even if you find yourself quarantined at home through self-isolation, there are plenty of ways to take action and engage with loved ones, colleagues, customers and community. Stay safe and healthy – when in doubt, go wash your hands!! (With soap!)


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Christopher Miller

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