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In 2010, I had the privilege of being introduced to CliftonStrengths when I joined Gallup as a Senior Consultant. Within months, I had read Gallup’s entire library of Strengths publications (Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath is my hands down favourite), and committed myself to a career as a Strengths Coach.

More recently, Peter Cook sent me a copy of The Thought Leaders Practice, by Matt Church, Peter Cook & Scott Stein. While many books have changed my life emotionally, there are few that have changed my ‘business’ (Now Practice) and life fundamentally and financially. April 2019 I read the book, in May I adapted my services and marketing according to Thought Leaders Practice wisdom, in June I achieved record revenue which grew consistently through to the end of 2019! My early success is both due to the model that TL Practice represents AND the community it is creating. I have been amazed at the generosity of advice, workshops, webinars and unreserved cheerleading from everyone on the Thought Leader Journey, regardless of the current scale of their success.

What has been a joy is to combine my CliftonStrengths awareness and skill in applying talents to a personal or professional objective, and the discipline to follow a very clear pathway of activity according to Thought Leader Practice development. For those who have engaged with the Thought Leaders community, I am currently about to cross over from White to Yellow Belt, and the list of Strengths-Based Actions below is a mix of White/Yellow/Green actions to build my Strengths-Based Thought Leadership Practice!

I would love to share ideas with other Thought Leader Practice owners or TLBS Faculty Members on how a Strengths-Based approach might lift the speed and enjoyment of completing the journey to Black Belt and beyond.

The following list was created in March 2020, just before New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdown. Comments in italics represent progress as of 1 May 2020.

My Top 15 (Dominant) CliftonStrengths Themes and associated Thought Leader actions include:

Maximiser – upgrade ChrisMillerCoaching/ to and rebrand website and all resources by June 2020 (as of 1 May, found a great new website development partner, and my rebrand is in its 2nd iteration).

Learner – complete Thought Leaders curriculum for the first time by Easter 2020 (Modules 1 to 4 completed, remaining curriculum to be completed in May).

Connectedness – pay conscious attention to every synchronous event that might contribute to my life and Practice; recruit extraordinary people (including a Business Manager) to my Coalition of the Willing.

Input – review, archive and update all current client resources during my rebrand process (by June 2020).

Woo – add maximum value to every room I am in, especially if surrounded by ‘strangers’ relevant to my Practice; attend every NZ-based Thought Leaders event in 2020.

Positivity – create a growth expectation mindset in all of my clients, including Success, Happiness and Fulfilment; measure my own S:H:F on a weekly basis.

Activator – create a TL white paper / Magalog, to professionally represent my brand during 2020 and 2021 (Produce by May 2020 – client case studies and testimonials sourced, structure and layout of Magalog to be developed through May/June).

Individualisation – let everyone in my team play to their Strengths during Christopher-Miller rebrand AND find a Business Manager who will compliment the talents of me and the team (by September 2020) – job description reviewed and updated.

Includer – engage my full team (family, graphic designer, web manager, social media manager, strategic planner, accountant/bookkeeper and personal coach) in my rebrand process and associated material upgrades.

Intellection – complete my first 52 Pink Sheets and at least 10 Green Sheets relevant to my current (2) and next 4 Clusters by Easter 2020 (Completed).

Belief – Live my Purpose (Make Dreams Come True) and find a way to integrate my Personal Values (Family, Health & Well Being, Life is Fun & Easy, Honour the Evolution, Creative & Financial Freedom, Live Life Out Loud, Thirst for Knowledge) and Practice Values (Do What You love & Love What You Do, Live Your Why & Help Others Find Theirs, Every Week is a 7-Day Weekend, Work When Inspired – the Rest of the Time PLAY, Transparency & Confidentiality) during the rebrand.

Self-Assurance – leverage my Learner, Input, Intellection and Belief to confidently create and deliver all current and future IP; speak more – create a monthly ‘busking out’ rhythm and launch in May 2020 (slightly delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Communication – use my coaching skills and ‘in the moment’ creative capability to minimise preparation for current Clusters and free up time to develop and build new Clusters.

Strategic – develop and have ‘ready’ at least 2 new Clusters at any one time (at least 2-4 Green Sheets, and associated Pink Sheets) – draft clusters in place for remainder of 2020.

Relator – stay faithful to my #1 Value (Family) by only ‘working’ after 6pm and weekends by exception, and planning our amazing Canadian and Scottish family reunions in the next two years.

I am grateful to all of my Strengths Coaches and Mentors over the years (Jacqui Merritt, Claire de Carteret, Antonia Milkop, Robyn Reilly) and to everyone in the CliftonStrengths and Thought Leaders community who have helped me on my journey so far (Linda Hutchings, Digby Scott, Col Fink, Christina Guidotti, Peter Cook, Lisa O’Neill). I look forward to an exciting and inspiring journey as I build a Strengths-Based Thought Leadership Practice!

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