The Wealth Of What’s Meaningful

Money won’t buy you happiness, the wealth of what’s meaningful will.

Most people associate wealth with money or financial affluence, but this can be a very narrow definition, omitting the possibility of being wealthy in life while lacking in material things. It’s time to explore the most comprehensive description of wealth – receiving an abundance of everything you ever wished for, whatever that might be.

When we consider our wish list of everything we might want in our lives, it is easy to dream up a wealth of material items such as cars, houses, high income, fancy holidays etc. What is more illuminating is to build a list of all the non-material things you might want in life, such as friendships, adventure, opportunities to learn, compassion, and perhaps love.

Consider the following ‘what’ statements:

… is it you truly want out of the remainder of your life? 

does wealth truly mean?

would you like more of? 

about less of?

A perspective on wealth: Money won’t buy you happiness, but it sure buys a lot of choices

Several studies prove that money above a specific basic limit does not buy you happiness in most cases. Once we have our core needs met (food, shelter, transportation, entertainment), the incremental gains from having more money seem insignificant. Monetary wealth does not mean you are immune to sadness, depression or discontent, especially if you have not explored your core purpose or critical contributions.

The wealth of a materially abundant life lies in the number of choices one can make to express yourself, entertain or contribute. With low abundance, people often feel trapped, with no way out. We may have to expend an enormous amount of energy down one or two paths to create a difference in their lives. With material wealth comes more options and more pathways open up. Some of which have the potential to make us happy, fulfilled or both, and if one choice fails to do so, we can re-invest in another one.

While money buys choices, sometimes we need to distinguish between “needs” and “wants”. A ‘want’ can be anything that has the potential to bring us pleasure or satisfaction. At the same time, a need likely connects to fulfilment. It represents something that fundamentally improves our life, for example needing shelter, food for our families, utilities, and other “essential” budget items. While the latest and greatest iPhone might be calling your name, take a step back and see the bigger picture and long term life goals. Don’t accept temporary happiness, but instead craft long term wealth of abundance.

Non-financial wealth – love, friendship, support, encouragement, opportunities to learn

Having an abundance of material things may bring a certain sense of security, privilege and opportunity to your life. Still, one might wager most of us would trade it all in for more of the intangibles in life. Relationships, in particular, provide us with friendship, support, encouragement and most importantly, love, an elusive emotion that we all seem to be on a quest for more of.

Science starts with insight in terms of money: we’re never satisfied. It’s always, “once I have a little more, I will be happier,” but there is already a new one when achieving that goal. The more you make, the more you want, and the less effective it brings you joy. When you can disassociate from the ever-dangling carrot of materialism, there becomes a space for opportunity to source happiness of true pleasure.

If you want to know how to use the money you have to become happier (truly wealthier), you need to identify what brings you happiness in the first place. (Answer: It usually lies with friends and family). People and meaningful relationships play great foundations in the building blocks of happiness. Money is minuscule to the power of connection. In our hurried day-to-day, it’s easy to decline to catch up with someone close to us. Over time, the memory of stress and work tasks will fade. However, the memories made over coffee, a meal, and embellished highlights with exquisite moments will last. So, perhaps next time, don’t decline and engage in those beautiful, meaningful relationships that bring true happiness. 

Wealth and Infinite Abundance 

There is a big difference in mindset between believing you have everything you need to succeed and focusing on what you lack or what is preventing you from growing to achieve. An internal belief that anything is possible, or “I will always find a way forward”, will drive an individual to solve nearly any problem and achieve their objective. Contrast that language with “I never have enough, or “If only I had…” it becomes obvious why some people achieve outcomes that others cannot.

In the realm of infinite abundance, a guiding philosophy is the principle that we will always have everything we need to accomplish a goal or objective even if the source of the resources may be hidden or perhaps delayed slightly.

Imagine that you had everything you needed to succeed at whatever you wished to accomplish. How would that level of abundance feel? How certain would you be of your success?

Dreaming of Future Prosperity VS Appreciating Everything You Have Today

The balancing act that everyone usually faces is wishing for more in your life while at the same time loving and appreciating everything you have in your life right now. Our hopes and dreams often wish for more or something different from what we have today. Those feelings are essential for making progress, and we would not continuously improve our lives were it not for hopes and dreams. 

Translating hopes and dreams into reality requires more concrete goals and intentions or taking action toward the future of our plans. The future state that we are dreaming of. The bestselling book, The Secret, talks about Ask, Believe, Receive as a formula for true wealth. I prefer to think of the required steps as:

  • Ask for what you want to wish for, visualise it
  • Believe that you have already received it
  • Receive what you have hoped for

There might be value in reflecting on the following:

  • What do you truly need right now?
  • How much do you value the need to accumulate material things vs experiences that feed your values?
  • What would you like to accomplish if money were no object, and when will you get started?

Are you ready to discover your wealth and how to thrive throughout this lifetime?


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Christopher Miller

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