Ten Life-Changing Questions for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Ten questions to (potentially) change your life for the better

Are you seeking personal growth and self-discovery? Look no further than these ten life-changing questions, which can help you explore your passions, purpose, and relationships.

Whether you’re interested in finding your dream career or deepening your connections with loved ones, each question offers a unique perspective for introspection and reflection. Join us on a journey of self-awareness and transformation, and discover how these questions can help you unlock your full potential.


  1. If you could be paid to do what you love, without guilt, what would you do?
  2. If you hit rock bottom and lost the will to live, what would the people who love you most want you to do next?
  3. If you had unlimited resources and resourcefulness, what legacy would you create?
  4. If you could have one experience or visit one place on earth before you die, what would it be and when will you book it?
  5. If you could love a certain number of people with all your heart, who would they be, and how would you show them?
  6. What is the most powerful action you will take based on your greatest source of pain or frustration right now?
  7. If you could permanently solve one personal, one community, and one global problem, what would they be, and what is your next action?
  8. What’s the worst experience of your life so far? How did it build your resilience, and what was your greatest insight or learning from the experience?
  9. If you could say one thing and offer one gift to the most important person in your life right now, what would they be, and when will you deliver them?
  10. If you found out tomorrow morning that the most important person in your life had 13 months to live, how would you live your life?
  11. If the perfect and most impactful question to change your life for the better were the eleventh, what would it be?

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Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller

I am passionate about helping and inspiring small business owners to create their purpose, live their values and experience success, happiness and fulfilment by owning a business they can be proud of.
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