About Me

I value being purposeful, inspiring, courageous and sometimes a little bit confronting

My story

About Me – Christopher Miller

My hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions have created a fulfilling life.

I have lived on three continents in ten great cities (seven capitals!), and was awarded with degrees in life science and business from two Canadian universities. I’ve been a competitive sportsman, and played in an orchestra. I’ve worked in pharmaceutical sales and marketing in Great Britain, and as a business coach and management consultant in Australia and New Zealand. I met my extraordinary Scottish wife, and with her, raised two exceptional sons.
Along the way, I discovered my passion and purpose through coaching, and following a 10-year career in management consulting, I had the courage to set up my own strengths-based leadership practice.
Throughout these experiences, I have been guided by being clear about my purpose and values, and the realisation that we are all only as fulfilled as our most recent greatest imaginable challenge. I use these principles, along with strengths-based development, as the cornerstones of my coaching for both individuals and businesses.

Purpose & values


I know that the foundations of any life (or business) are built on clarity of purpose and values. These principles ensure we understand why we are doing something, and how we will treat others along the way.

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Equally clear are my principles for running my strengths-based leadership practice.

Would you like to unlock the power and joy of clarifying your own roles, purpose and values?

Greatest Imaginable challenge

What is a “greatest imaginable challenge”?

It’s where your passion and what you do best meets where you can add most value to yourself or others. It represents the next Mount Everest in your life – the enormous and motivating mountain that only you can climb.

Here are a few examples of my own greatest imaginable challenges, or those of special people in my life:

Working to help others achieve their greatest imaginable challenges.

My Life Experiences

We cannot control what life might throw at us, but we can choose our reaction, 100% of the time.

My business and personal development philosophy is built on the premise that we are all here for a reason, and those who discover the reason are most likely to thrive and find fulfilment.
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I have had the amazing good fortune to experience life at its very fullest, thankfully with the highs far outweighing the lows over time. The few lows delivered invaluable insights. Some of these experiences have included: