Embracing a New Clifton Strengthsfinder Self-Assessment


Following 22 years of employment in the corporate world, I recently set up on my own as a Business and Personal Development Coach (ChrisMillerCoaching).

Having taken my Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment over 7 years ago, I was curious to see how self-employment might influence my Clifton Strengthsfinder themes.

My old Top 10 (Dominant Themes) included:

Input, Activator, Woo, Communication, Learner, Positivity, Empathy, Includer, Intellection, Belief

My new Top 13 (Dominant Themes) are:

Maximiser, Learner, Connectedness, Input, Woo, Positivity, Activator, Individualisation, Includer, Intellection, Belief, Self-Assurance, Communication

Quick observations include:

  • 3 of my Top 5 remained stable
  • 7 of my Top 10 and 9 of my Top 13 remained the same
  • Maximiser, Connectedness, Individualisation and Self-Assurance are new Signature / Dominant themes

My new strengths sequence reflects important changes over the last 7 years including:

  • Shifting from consulting to coaching full-time (Maximiser / Individualisation)
  • Overcoming a significant health issue which threatened my well-being and challenged my values (Connectedness / Belief / Self-Assurance)
  • Finding the formula to do what I love every day (Learner, Input, Woo, Positivity, Communication)

In particular, my role as a full-time coach allows me to invest in client relationships (Woo) and hold them accountable for being the best versions of themselves (Maximiser), while admiring and leveraging the natural talent each client possesses (Individualisation). My own confidence is slowly growing (Self-Assurance) and emerging from a deep personal crisis which has helped me define my Purpose and Values in substantial detail (Belief, Positivity).

While I was hesitant to repeat the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment after 7 years, given my love of my old Signature themes, I have been reassured by the stability of the instrument and the clear relevance of the new items that have appeared in my Top 13. I look forward to a long period of time before repeating the assessment again.

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Saturday, 07 December 2019