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Over the course of more than a decade of business coaching, I have always been inspired and intrigued by the impact of Plan on a Page, a one page document aimed at summarising a company's strategic plan. Verne Harnish, Stephen Lynch and  Results.com all contributed to my own Plan on a Page which can be downloaded from the Resources page of this website.

Over the years of using Plan on a Page, I reflected and mused about the value and impact of summarising someone's Life on a Page. The objective would be to capture the most important elements in an individual's life, and plot a game plan to experience Success, Happiness and Fulfilment into the future.

Key elements of Life on a Page include:
- Greatest Achievements
- Moments of Resilience
- My Strengths
- Key Relationships
- Heroes and Anti-Heroes
- My Purpose
- My Values
- Greatest Imaginable Challenge
- 12 month goals / 90 Day Actions / My One Thing
- Identifying a primary need from Our 8 Human Needs
- Prioritising our key elements of Health & Well-Being
- Accessing our Intelligence.

All of the above items have the potential to shift someone's life path by a little to potentially a lot, depending on the commitment and will of the individual.

For myself, Life on a Page has brought new insight, clarity and direction when I needed it most.

For a complimentary copy of Life on a Page, go to the Resources page of this website.
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