My Top 10 Personal Approaches to Experiencing Happiness

Happiness is...

If Success is 'getting what you want' and Happiness is 'wanting what you have', then Fulfilment is 'living your Purpose every single day'.

In this second instalment of a three-part series, I explore my own personal approach to finding and experiencing Happiness. Everyone is different - this is simply my own personal list based on 47 years of life so far…

10. Find your favourite outdoor place in nature (beach, ocean, forest, river, lake, etc..) and just BE!
9. Spend time doing and thinking about nothing (mindfulness, meditation etc.).
8. Go see your favourite band / singer of all time play in concert live! (I have a list of artists that I would see if they came to Wellington, came to New Zealand, or performed pretty much anywhere in the world, resources permitting!).
7. Prepare a meal with and for loved ones.
6. Listen to your favourite music Playlist as if it were the first time you ever heard it.
5. Experience an item from your Bucket List. (PS write your Bucket List down, and keep it somewhere you can see it every day).
4. Do a favourite activity with your favourite people! (For me, this includes golf with the family, springboard diving and Playstation with my sons, and pretty much anything at all, including 'doing nothing' with my wife).
3. Hearing my wife sing! (Happy wife, happy life - she sings nearly every single day, so life is pretty good).
2. Say or overhear 'I love you', especially during a great hug!
1. Deep gratitude (For everything or even just one simple thing in your life).

For assistance in determining your own Personal Approach to Happiness, please contact me.

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020