Top 10 Personal Wellington Office Locations


1. Home Office, Khandallah - my private space, surrounded by my favourite books and coaching resources (though space shared with the family table tennis table!)

2. Gotham, Chews Lane - pretty much my first choice cafe over the last 12 years - private booths for an intimate lunch or sensitive coaching session, this was the location of one of my most profound client conversations that solidified my sense of Purpose as a Business / Performance Coach. Throwing distance to my longest serving client in New Zealand (12 years and counting...)

3. Gallup Offices, Level 15, Intercontinental Hotel Tower, Featherston Street - terrific view and even better company (the most extraordinary gentleman from Lebanon!)

4. Luke's Lane, Taranaki Street - light, bright, and great location for one of my key clients

5. Rise, The Terrace - delicious carrot loaf, slightly toasted; ground floor in the building with my favourite dentist and Rehabilitation company (both clients)

6. Parson's Bakery, Khandallah - atmosphere is small and crowded but coffee, service and BLTs/milkshakes are brilliant (very close to my favourite web designer / manager @ Mitchell Studios!)

7. Mojo's, Lambton Quay (near Parliament) - great staff, beautiful mint tea, contemporary atmosphere (very close to two of my favourite clients - CHA and MAS!)

8. Columbus on Featherston - simple and generous reward card, delicious gnocchi and chicken dish, great location

9. Kaffee Eis, waterfront lagoon - coffee, gelato, writing blogs sitting by the sea - bliss!

10. Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie - Miller family 2nd home when the boys and I are training at diving (springboard & platform) or using Club Active; lots of important formal and informal meetings about the sport of diving have been held in the cafe here!

Parson's Khandallah
Gotham, Chews Lane
Rise, The Terrace
Aquatic Cafe, Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre
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Tuesday, 02 June 2020