Complimentary Resources for Business

Please download, copy and share any of the resources below to improve your life and/or business.

These complimentary resources are useful tools for business leaders wanting to shape culture, create a vision, leverage talent, and accelerate the impact of strengths on their organisation.

Finding FISH in Life and Business

This workbook has been designed exclusively for business owners, integrating the concepts of finding FISH in creating a life and business to be proud of. Many of the questions feature in the book, The Joy of Finding FISH – a journey of fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness, though several questions have been developed specifically for this workbook.

Business of Strengths-based Healthcare

A complete workbook to complement the Business of Strengths-based healthcare program to see your clinic succeed.

Plan on a page for business leaders

Strategic planning tool to help align resources, and engage an organisation or team in the pursuit of a common vision.

Purpose creator for business

A simple process to begin identifying and articulating your organisation’s purpose.

Values creator for business

Use this to inspire a process to develop your organisation’s values.

Pursuing your greatest imaginable challenge

Merge organisational passion, what everyone does best, and where you can add maximum value to craft a long-term inspiring objective.

Strengths-based leadership

Identify your unique leadership formula, and why followers will want to help you succeed.

Managing and inspiring performance

Identify how purpose, values, skills/talent, team fit and twinkle in the eye can be used to lift the performance of your organisation.

Attracting and recruiting exceptional talent

A worksheet designed to guide you through a recruitment process built on the foundations of purpose, values, skills/talent, team fit and twinkle in the eye.

Love most matrix

Strengths-based economic recovery for small business

Work-life integration for business owners

Leading a Strengths-Based Business or Practice

If you would like assistance using any of these tools, or would like to recommend improvements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I also love receiving stories about how these tools help both individuals and organisations experience success, happiness and fulfilment.

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