Coaching Resources During Covid-19 Event

As the world hopes, plans and prepares for life after Covid-19, I have been inspired to watch CliftonStrengths Coaches and Advocates build momentum to assist their communities and organisations by leveraging their natural talent and helping others do the same. About 5 years ago, my Input, Activator and Learner created a library of over 1200 […]

Integrating a CliftonStrengths Approach to Building a Thought Leadership Practice

In 2010, I had the privilege of being introduced to CliftonStrengths when I joined Gallup as a Senior Consultant. Within months, I had read Gallup’s entire library of Strengths publications (Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath is my hands down favourite), and committed myself to a career as a Strengths Coach. More recently, Peter Cook sent me […]

The Wonders of Sporting Loyalty as an International Fan

With the shock of Global, National and Local lockdowns around the world, the sporting landscape has changed dramatically in the last few months. While recreational sports involving social distancing seem to be acceptable in many parts of the world, competitive sport, especially team contact sports, may represent unnecessary risks for Covid-19 spread for some time. […]

Building a Sustainable and Thriving Personal Economy

In September 2017, following 22 years of employment in the pharmaceutical and management consulting industries, I had the courage to establish ChrisMillerCoaching when my mindset took a giant leap from ‘safely employed and following a semi-predictable career’ to ‘self-employed and riding a roller coaster every single day’! One of the ways my mindset has changed […]

2020 Goals and Intentions

I often reflect on the power of Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Intentions during the turn of the year. As the year and decade come to an end, here are a few of my key intentions for 2020 and beyond… Support family near and far to make Dreams become a reality (including a fantastic family reunion […]

2019 Year in Review: A Game of Two Halves

As 2019 and a whole decade comes to an end, it has been rewarding to reflect on the highs and lows of the year, and some of the amazing experiences along the way. The list below represents the very best highlights and moments of resilience throughout the year, as shaped by my own set of […]

Clifton Strengths Metaphors Through the Movies!

As a Strengths Advocate and Coach, I am always on the lookout for great metaphors in life representing a particular Clifton Strengths theme or even the philosophy of Strengths itself! Many of my favourite movies resonate with me because of my own Top 15 (my Dominant Themes) or simply because they reflect my Belief that […]