Book sneak peek, Finding FISH in a Strengths-Based Practice!

I am proud to have recently completed the first draft of the book, and am hopeful that it will be published later this year! See my previous updates! Preface One of the principles I explored in my first book, The Joy of Finding FISH – a journey of fulfilment, inspiration, success, and happiness was the […]

As featured in the Teachers Matter Magazine

Finding FISH in Teaching I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you all! The Teachers Matter organisation has recently featured an article that I wrote, and I couldn’t be more honoured to contribute to such a wonderful cause. So, let’s dive right in and explore how this amazing organisation is making a difference […]

Choosing Between Two Communities: A Dilemma of the Heart, Brain, and Body

Sometimes your heart tells you to be in two places at once, and your brain and body tell the heart – that’s just not possible; you have to choose. I found myself in this dilemma with a strong desire to relish the company of two of my favourite communities – the New Zealand Diving Community […]

It Takes A Village!

A celebration of Ross’s recent achievements at the Australia Age Group Diving Championships For any significant achievement, recognition or award, the individual on the podium is ALWAYS surrounded by a team of people who have supported, encouraged, cheered and, in some casescontributed their unique expertise to help the award-winner succeed. I was recently reminded of […]

Ten Life-Changing Questions for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Ten questions to (potentially) change your life for the better Are you seeking personal growth and self-discovery? Look no further than these ten life-changing questions, which can help you explore your passions, purpose, and relationships. Whether you’re interested in finding your dream career or deepening your connections with loved ones, each question offers a unique perspective for introspection and […]

Celebrating 5 Years of Running a Strengths-Based Practice

According to MBIE, 58 percent of Kiwi businesses born in 2010 with no employees ceased to exist by 2015. September 17th, 2022, is the fifth anniversary of running my strengths-based coaching and mentoring practice! I am proud to have survived some significant ups and downs and continue to trade as Some of the highlights […]

How CliftonStrengths Saved My Life​

Over the last 15 years of ups and downs, I have reflected on the power of my strengths and how these have helped me transition from survival, to coping, to thriving through very challenging circumstances.

The Wealth Of What’s Meaningful

Money won’t buy you happiness, the wealth of what’s meaningful will. Most people associate wealth with money or financial affluence, but this can be a very narrow definition, omitting the possibility of being wealthy in life while lacking in material things. It’s time to explore the most comprehensive description of wealth – receiving an abundance […]

Wellbeing: Fulfilment, inspiration, success & happiness

By examining our levels of fulfilment, inspiration, success and happiness (FISH), we can identify what promotes our internal wellbeing. We can make our foundations strong and learn to care for what is most important. In calculating your FISH score, I have developed the following questionnaire: On a scale of 1-10, how much fulfilment did you […]

Life Roles and Work Integration

We all have many life roles. The mum, dad, brother, son, employee. How do we balance these relationships whilst living in a fast-paced world? We have all heard the phrases of work-life balance and work-life integration. But what does it mean to have either? How does integrating work and balance of life roles impact your […]

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