2019 Year in Review: A Game of Two Halves

As 2019 and a whole decade comes to an end, it has been rewarding to reflect on the highs and lows of the year, and some of the amazing experiences along the way. The list below represents the very best highlights and moments of resilience throughout the year, as shaped by my own set of […]

Clifton Strengths Metaphors Through the Movies!

As a Clifton Strengths Advocate and Coach, I am always on the lookout for great metaphors in life representing a particular Clifton Strengths theme or even the philosophy of Strengths itself! Many of my favourite movies resonate with me because of my own Top 15 (my Dominant Themes) or simply because they reflect my Belief […]

Finding Connectedness & Oneness in One Simple Text

I am always on the look out for inspiration for my top Clifton Strengthsfinder Themes, none more so than my #3 Theme, Connectedness. I often describe my Connectedness in coaching conversations as a ‘game of two halves’ – one Spiritual, one Practical. My Spiritual side believes everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences […]

Inspiring Lyrics for Life and Business – A Personal Reflection

I have always loved music, and especially the art of crafting a magical lyric that gives you goosebumps or evokes a memory when you hear it. The list below represents my own ‘favourite lyrics’ for very personal reasons, and though some speak for themselves, many are my favourite due to the association I place with […]

Top 10 Brands I Love – for purely personal reasons!

Weet-Bix & Cadbury Drinking Chocolate – 15 years of breakfasts and ‘Scottish Suppers’ before bedtime for two of my favourite people in the whole world! Disney/Pixar – Because they know how to ‘make people smile’ and deliver animation with emotion and inspiration. Too many individual films to mention… probably a future blog post! Apple – […]

Top 10 Personal Wellington Office Locations

1. Home Office, Khandallah – my private space, surrounded by my favourite books and coaching resources (though space shared with the family table tennis table!) 2. Gotham, Chews Lane – pretty much my first choice cafe over the last 12 years – private booths for an intimate lunch or sensitive coaching session, this was the location of […]

My Top 10 Life Hacks

Everyone seems to have their own version of ‘Life Hacks’ at the moment. I share this not to be followed or copied, but to inspire you to come up with your own Top 10 Life Hacks list. What makes Your Life more bearable, enjoyable or wonderful? 1. No devices (for the whole family!) between 8pm and […]

ChrisMillerCoaching 2019 Mid-Year Review: A Game of Two Halves!

Inspired by Greg Lucier, former CEO of Invitrogen, I am committed to documenting the Successes and Challenges of my business journey with end-of-year and mid-year reflections of progress. The last six months has very much been a game of two halves, with feast and famine both being experienced along the way. Here are some of […]

Becoming a Strengths-Based Family!

 As a Strengths-Based advocate, enthusiast, and coach, I have been very aware of my potential to get ‘evangelical’ about the Strengths Movement. In particular, I have to tread very carefully with my own family regarding accessing, exploring and thriving using their own strengths. Sometimes a day comes along that just changes things. Last Sunday (9th […]