Strengths-Based Coaching Programmes

Christopher’s business and personal coaching programmes are tailored to support teams, organisations, and individuals, based on their unique purpose, values, and strengths. Most of the programmes start with a 3-month trial, and may develop into multi-year relationships.

Business of Strengths Based Healthcare

Business of Strengths-Based Health care calibrates the strengths of your team in order to pivot and thrive. By lifting people around their unique strengths and contributions, you will launch your team into an orchestrated powerhouse, while establishing a positive workplace culture to be proud of.

The Business of Strengths-Based Health Care programme is tailored for Health Care professionals by developing your unique talents, enhancing personal growth so you can kick-start organisation growth and performance.

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Work-life integration for entrepreneurs and small business owners

A 6- or 12-month coaching programme for small business leaders. The focus will be on creating both a great life and a great business. As a participant, you will:

  • Acquire tools to integrate and align your personal purpose, values, hopes and dreams with those of the business you are running.
  • Learn practical techniques for establishing boundaries between life and business.
  • Discover ways to navigate between work and life so as to minimise stress on yourself and those you care about.

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Purpose-led, strengths-based culture change to drive success and performance

A programme for organisations or teams with up to 20 members, with the goal of exploring in detail your:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Greatest imaginable challenge
  • Brand

You will discover how to use these principles as a foundation for future growth.

  • Introductory programme – weekly for 3 months.
  • Invested programme – weekly or fortnightly for 12 months.
  • In person or online coaching, with wraparound email and “emergency” phone coaching for the duration of the service agreement.

Balancing profit and patient care for New Zealand health care businesses

A 12-month programme for owners of health care businesses including physiotherapists, dentists, acupuncturists, podiatrists, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc, with the goal of improving patient care while creating a profitable business legacy. Programme content will include:

  • Identifying the long-term objectives of the organisation.
  • Leveraging the existing strengths of the owner and team.
  • Developing a strengths-based marketing and PR platform.
  • Aligning purpose, values and greatest imaginable challenge for the business.

Mentoring for strengths-based coaches and advocates

A 3-month introduction to advanced strengths-based coaching for Gallup-trained strengths coaches, usually within their first three years of qualification.

Participants will explore the importance and techniques of coaching purpose, values, and greatest imaginable challenge alongside CliftonStrengths development strategies.

Participants will be encouraged to identify a multi-niche strategy for developing their own coaching client base.

Strengths-based selling and marketing will be used to define the promotional strategy for each participant, depending on their own practice objectives.

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