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Strengths-Based Strategic and Covid Recovery Planning

For: Business Owners & Independent Consultants

Online Workshop:

This event has passed

  • What is your business plan for a slow, medium or fast economic recovery from Covid-19?
  • Will your industry sector fare better or worse than the average in New Zealand, and do you fully understand the reasons why?
  • How will you orient the strengths of your business, and the talent on hand, to capitalise on your greatest growth opportunities?

This 1-hour interactive workshop will create a draft strategic plan for 2021 and beyond, and consider the key aspects of Covid-19 economic recovery that are likely to affect your business.

Strengths-Based Selling for Independent Coaches & Consultants

For: Business Owners & Independent Consultants

Complimentary Online Workshop:

This event has passed

This interactive online workshop (1 hour & 10 minutes) will help participants better understand their own selling style based on their dominant CliftonStrengths. We will also explore how to sell appropriately to customer groups who may themselves lead with Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building or Strategic Thinking, and the best way to match your selling style to those of your prospect.

While CliftonStrengths (Gallup)language will be used throughout, it is not needed to gain value from this online workshop everyone is welcome!

Topics will include:
— Understanding and describing your ideal client in vivid detail.
— Identifying your unique selling style based on your dominant themes.
— Exploring the strongest strength domain of your ideal client.
— How to match selling style with your prospect’s dominant themes.
— Create a sales action plan based on the energy and talent you derive from your strengths.