Strategic Planning Made Easy / Life Planning Made Inspiring

Strategic Planning Made Easy / Life Planning Made Inspiring

Strengths-Based Coaching, Strategic Planning and Leadership

  • Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs seeking personal and business growth
  • Private health care practices seeking exceptional client experiences, and building a profitable legacy
  • Strengths-based coaches, executives and advocates seeking to lift their performance and effectiveness
  • Professionals with a ‘side hustle’ keen to develop into a full-time small business
  • Pro Bono Business & Leadership Coaching for Sports, Music and Arts Charities that I care deeply about!

Strengths-Based Mentoring

  • Independent coaches / consultants keen to build a Strengths-Based philosophy / methodology into their practice
  • Pharmaceutical executives, sales and marketing professionals seeking success, happiness and fulfilment in their career and life
  • New migrants to New Zealand navigating their career or entrepreneurship choices
  • Parents seeking a Strengths-Based approach to raising exceptional children

Strengths Workshops & Facilitation

  • Work-Life Integration for stressed-out Leaders and Followers
  • Life on a Page to enjoy your success and experience your Bucket List
  • Plan on a Page to align your business with Purpose, Values, Vision and Brand
  • Strengths-Based Leadership for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
  • Strengths-Based Selling for Sales and Business Development Professionals
  • Strengths-Based Team Building: Leveraging Purpose, Values and Talent

Strengths Speaking & Storytelling

  • Leading a Strengths-Based Life
  • Building Culture Through Purpose, Values, Vision, Strengths & Brand
  • Pursuing your Greatest Imaginable Challenge
  • Feeding fulfilment through our Human Needs
  • Leveraging Strengths to lift Health, Well-Being & Resilience
  • Accessing Our 10 Exceptional Intelligences
  • 'From Engagement to Fulfilment' and ‘Strengths-Based Leadership: Leveraging Your Natural Talent’