Beyond Employee Engagement…Creating Fulfilment at Work and in Life

For years, employers have invested in Employee Engagement, Satisfaction Surveys and Manager Development aimed at inspiring staff to feel more engaged, more productive and ‘happier’ in the workplace. Typically, engagement measures the relationship between a manager and his/her staff (70%), and the connection between an employee and the wider organisation (30%). Classic elements of Employee […]

My First Year in Business

Success, Happiness and Fulfilment comes in many forms, especially during the process of setting up and launching your own business. For me, these three elements can be summarised by the following: Success – building an income stream that has more than matched my salary in the corporate world; with potential to far exceed my hopes […]

My First 100 Days as an Entrepreneur

Following 22 years of employment, I recently joined the ranks of the self-employed by launching my own business and personal development coaching practice ( The business had been 2 years in development, with the service model, branding and client attraction / retention strategy constant areas of discussion with my circle of advisors and friends in […]

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