What you say


What are clients saying about my coaching?

Chris’s help in identifying strengths and discovering team values has given us a common language for planning and implementing our company strategy. This has shaped our future course, aided delegation and the establishment of a great leadership team around me. It’s made the business much more resilient and the operational dependency on me has reduced. Chris’s support has given me the confidence to make these changes happen. Chris has also helped me to focus on what I, as business owner, want from the business and my goals over coming years, and to set a clear direction for myself.


Stephen Ogden

Market Access Solutionz

We have found as a business that Chris’s coaching has brought us structure, focus, content depth and clarity. Chris has helped to simplify our big strategy sessions and has been able to consolidate strategy documents for us to get them over the line. He has brought to us the ability to minimise complex things and assist with getting things in place we didn’t have before.


Ronin Group Team

Chris is remarkably patient and tolerant. He will know the answer to a problem but quietly guides you to find the solution yourself which for me is a very effective coaching style. He also has great values including the importance of his wife, family and friends.


Richard Greenwood

Greenwood Grincare

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for eleven years now. Initially, Chris’s weekly coaching sessions provided such a positive environment of productive and focused professional development that I was able to advance my business in ways unimagined before I met Chris. He helped me pull my business apart and put it back together in ways I had never thought to consider or question, or dared to do myself. In more recent years, I have continually brought Chris back into the fold for his professional input; whether for a day, a finite set of weekly sessions, or a year’s recommitment to elevating my business. A consummate professional, Chris constantly provides coaching methods to help me be the best, creatively and professionally speaking, I can be. I could not recommend a finer business coach. Turn up to a meeting with Chris and unload your weekly woes; be amazed at your levels of drive and focus when you leave the session.


James Blackie

Former owner PageBlackie Galleries, founder of The Art Counsel

Amazing coach, inspiring and caring. Chris really gets the best from people and delivers life and business coaching in an easy to understand and down to earth, compassionate and respectful manner. I just spent 3 hours with him for life on a page development which was life changing. Give Chris a try you won’t regret it!


Rebecca Fisher

Market Access Solutionz

He has ‘travelled the road before’ my own, and his mentoring ability for my own coaching practice has been incredibly valuable. He has an amazing ability to deepen our conversations with thought-provoking questions and this is something I find admirable, and a skill that I learn from for my own coaching practice with my own clients.


Antonia Milkop


In the last two months I have been receiving business coaching from Chris and, after only three sessions, I am already feeling the benefits, both professionally and personally. His advice and insights have given me some real “light bulb moments” in relation to both the big picture and my day-to-day administration. Chris coaches to his own values of work/life balance, something which can be elusive for small business owners. He is helping me to hone in on what I want from the business and how I can make it work for myself and my family.


Anna Reed

Mitchell Studios

Possibly the most valuable hour I have spent in recent memory. Your insight and ability to concisely identify the issues and strengths I can apply to address them were amazing – you made me feel comfortable, valuable, and I left feeling I had some constructive guidance with which to move forward. Thank you!



Chris is a true thought leader in his areas of expertise. His intelligence and insights are impressive and he articulates brilliantly and succinctly. That’s brilliant. It’s a remarkable skill in a business coach and I respect that skill hugely.


Marcia Page

Page Galleries

The team members have connected better with each other since our coaching session with Chris, due to our better understanding of each other’s strengths and work preferences. Our sessions with Chris have led to a number of improvement objectives for delivering our team’s function and have meant we are a happier and more connected team.


Catherine Ongley

Todd Energy NZ

The team building days we’ve had with Chris have been great and really added a lot of value to our team and build on our relationships together. We’ve been able to identify each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and discover ways to turn our weaknesses into strengths.


Lisa Martin