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working with me

Nurturing success together by building lasting client relationships

I bring a wealth of expertise in various domains such as business strategy, marketing, employee engagement, strengths-based team building, leadership, and personal development, enabling me to provide substantial benefits to client organizations. Feel free to explore the testimonials below for further insight into my work (simply click on the heading to expand them).

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  • Christopher is a great listener. And he asks really good questions and holds a powerful space for transformation to happen. What I value the most about my relationship with him is that he can create a space for me to do the introspective work of figuring out what’s really going on underneath the surface. Then he can reflect on what he’s heard and what his impressions are and contribute, you know, really insightful ideas on how I can propose. — Caelan Huntress, Owner –

  • I met Chris at quite a point in my life where there was a great need for change. Big transformations are going on, and the way I would describe it is that he was incredibly supportive. And I think something new comes up every time we have a session. So he’s good, what’s a good word, that supportive, empathetic challenging that radical candour. That’s what I love about Chris as well, his ability to challenge me but from a place of caring, you know, so I respect and appreciate him for that. And yeah, he’s just incredibly supportive, though. And with the mentoring side of things, I’ve learned so much from him, which has benefited my development as a coach. Still, one of the main things is just that empathetic ear, where I feel there’s a person who is not just a coach; it feels like he really cares. Victoria Tipper, Corporate Wellness Consultant & Executive Coach – 2BLimitless

  • I appreciate his vibe and his caring nature. He is not just a friend, but also a confidant who supports my success and well-being – not just professionally, but as a human being. I value his opinion. Lotty Roberts, Founding Director & Chief Creator and Facilitator – Mind U Ltd

  • Trusting, loyal and non-judgmental…Chris is the best coach I’ve ever come across. He’s an incredible listener and really knows the art of asking powerful questions – ones that hit you right in the middle of the head and make you really think and draw your own insights from. He creates truly authentic, safe and trusted spaces in our coaching conversations and I so appreciate having him as my coach. My own coaching practice has reaped the benefits of having an excellent coach as part of my own professional development. If you get the opportunity to work with Chris, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Antonia Milkop, Coaching & Facilitation at Antonia Milkop Ltd

  • When you’re having a session with him, he’s fully engaged and fully and genuinely honestly trying to help you. He wants you to succeed. Anna Reed, Owner – Mitchell Studios

  • Chris is a master of being able to connect with people — Victoria Tipper, Corporate Wellness Consultant & Executive Coach

  • Chris is fantastic. He can interpret [strengths in others], and how to interact with each other. Richard Greenwood, Owner – Discover Dental

  • Chris creates a safe, trusted environment that allows me to discuss all aspects of business goals to focus on my desires for my business. A business coach must delve into their client’s personal life to understand their business. Chris is exceptional at drawing personal information without overstepping, prying or pushing. We have been working together for 15 years, and Chris has, without fail, been inspiring, uplifting, engaging, focused and helpful. Every single session, Chris has drawn out actions, focus and self-accountability for driving my business forward. He doesn’t push; he supports. — James Blackie, Owner, The Art Counsel; Art Director, Glorious

  • He is genuinely invested in seeing you succeed and creating a safe space for you to do that. Frankie Jago, Founder at Get Ahead Media

  • As a business owner, you get better at managing those ups and downs, but it still takes some time to get through and create a tougher skin, and I’ve always found I can save those hard challenges for my conversations with Chris. It’s a motivating relationship, which is important when you can often feel lonely, whether in a leadership role and management of a large organization or as a business owner. So, having a critical friend and motivator to elevate the way you think is something that I treasure. Sarah Blackie, CEO Esby & Co

  • I am loving this connection we have, it’s a blessing that makes the process fun & easy. — Donna Stewart

  • Hearing his perspective on my progress and having someone who can review what’s been happening in my world and provide feedback from a high level, but also get practical and ask about what you know and what the specific actions are that need to be taken to accomplish my goals. Caelan Huntress, Owner –

  • My key takeaway was the learnings from that experience, viewed through the lens of my strengths. This helped me to prioritize quality over quantity and avoid overemphasizing empathy or positivity to the extent that I missed potential problems. Victoria Tipper, Corporate Wellness Consultant & Executive Coach – 2BLimitless

  • If I have a deadline for someone else, I will always prioritize it. However, if the deadline is for me, it tends to get pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Chris is good at keeping me on track and providing the right guidance. He has given me so many great pieces of advice and always knows the right questions to ask at the right time. When I need them, he brings up essential questions. Lotty Roberts, Founding Director & Chief Creator and Facilitator – Mind U Ltd

  • Clarity and an insane amount of encouragement. One of my greatest benefits is that he has more belief in me than I do myself. Antonia Milkop, Coaching & Facilitation at Antonia Milkop Ltd

  • Chris told me early on, “You’ve got to remember that this is a business. It’s not a charity.” You’ve got to remember that it’s a business, and it’s got to work for you. Otherwise, the doors closed. And then it’s not working for anyone. So it seems obvious. But yeah, that hit home to me Anna Reed, Owner – Mitchell Studios

  • With my practice manager, we met with Chris and [analysed] her strengths and my strengths and went through how they interact, what are the advantages, and then also the pitfalls and the things to look out for and watch out for. That was really good. That’s what you need. That’s Chris’s real value. Richard Greenwood, Owner – Discover Dental

  • The first time I met Chris, I was frustrated at our how slowly we were expanding our customer base. Chris listened and then asked one question, which flipped our perspective on privilege, prestige and woo – the essence was stop chasing, start dangling the carrot out of reach. In making a mailing list sign-up slightly difficult and somewhat selective, our clients reached higher, understood the privilege and were more engaged when we contacted them. Our customer numbers increased, as did our conversion rate. Needless to say, Chris was engaged as my permanent coach on the spot. James Blackie, Owner, The Art Counsel; Art Director, Glorious

  • I used to attend other networking events where they start with “write your vision of what your perfect day looks like”. I would break down. I can’t see it… I don’t know what my vision is… I don’t know what I want… It was hard being that person that never really knew what my vision was and what my purpose was. It wasn’t until Chris. He had some really great questions for me. For me to ponder and even to an extent, gave me the answer in terms of, it was so obvious in the words that I was responding to him and my question in the question he asked me that clear of what I was here to do what kind of life I want to create, and how I use my abilities to help people. So it gave me that clarity and confidence that I’m on the right path and that I should focus on this. — Frankie Jago, Founder at Get Ahead Media

  • He challenges me on my role in the business, where I want to be rather than always being caught up in the moment. The advice is to play to where you want to be, not where you currently feel constrained by, and sometimes, and often, the things to change from where you are to where you need to be is hard and challenging. It might involve, more often than not, other people and positioning yourself differently. Or being bold. We have talked about courage and how courage is incredibly important. And that is so true. Sarah Blackie, CEO Esby & C0

  • He suggested one direction for me to follow and advised that I should stay on course with that direction. If other things come up, I can explore them, but I should remain focused on the most important direction that I have already decided upon. Caelan Huntress, Owner –

  • There’s something about Chris that brings out a lot of emotion. He has no problem tapping into the strength of your vulnerability, which allows you to access the wisdom and values within yourself. This creates a gateway for you to put those values into action and become integral with them. However, this vulnerability requires dropping the ego and going into raw places. Lotty Roberts, Founding Director & Chief Creator and Facilitator – Mind U Ltd

  • The one question changed my acceleration of what I chose to do with my career and everything. Chris asked me, where would you have more of an impact on the rest of your life? Leading a bunch of programmes that you really believe in their mission and vision? Or would you have more impact if you were coaching five people a year on those programmes? Where would you have more impact? And the answer was so obvious that I could make an impact if I were coaching others. I could have far more impact in the world, coaching others and being their guide. That question changed the trajectory of my life. Antonia Milkop, Coaching & Facilitation at Antonia Milkop Ltd

  • The greatest benefit of working with Chris is that I felt like I had so many balls in the air and struggling to figure out what to do first. Chris has helped identify what to focus on and what we will do. So that’s a huge benefit. Anna Reed, Owner – Mitchell Studios

  • Working out your core, most important values. So if you need to decide, you can go does this line up with this; it’s helped me multiple times with direction. Richard Greenwood, Owner – Discover Dental

  • Happiness. Hang on…Success. Wait…Fulfilment…All of them! The discipline of working on my business means I have a far greater perspective on my FISH. James Blackie, Owner, The Art Counsel; Art Director, Glorious

  • He has the ability to ask really great questions of you to get you thinking. He describes how people design their purpose and their values and helps in terms of prioritising them. Frankie Jago, Founder at Get Ahead Media

  • The most positive result has been getting everything out of my head and off my chest and being able to share it with someone instead of letting these thoughts stew unspoken and being able to verbalise them and articulate them. Christopher has allowed me to share them to get them out and examine them collaboratively with somebody who can look at them with less emotional commitment than I have. You know, he can look at the things I’m dealing with beneath the surface from a different perspective because he’s not emotionally engaged with the same difficulties; he can offer a wiser perspective on what’s happening. Caelan Huntress, Owner –

  • The mentorship around strengths has been phenomenal. And it’s really helped to expand my knowledge base. Even I use some of the techniques that he’s used, I love his. Victoria Tipper, Corporate Wellness Consultant & Executive Coach – 2BLimitless

  • Chris helped me flesh out areas of my business I never really focused on. Those were around my purpose and my mission, and that kind of messaging around my deeper purpose. I’d never really spent the time to delve into and really figure out what’s inside of me that makes me unique and how that uniqueness helps other people. Frankie Jago, Founder at Get Ahead Media

  • He’s such a cheerleader and is so positive. He’ll get me to go away and make some goals, and they’re always correct. He gives so much positive reinforcement as well.  Anna Reed, Owner – Mitchell Studios

  • He is adapting to my well-being, which involves impacting people and doing work I love while maintaining balance, being present as a mother, and looking after my health. I appreciate that he has tailored his advice and questions accordingly. Lotty Roberts, Founding Director & Chief Creator and Facilitator – Mind U Ltd

  • Every single time I come out of it with a smile on my face and having learned something and having made progress, I’ve never gone into a coaching meeting without coming away, having benefited quite significantly from it. Richard Greenwood, Owner – Discover Dental

  • Your ability to continue to focus on my business through your last few years is nothing short of heroic. I am honoured to be your longest-client relationship and your friend. — James Blackie, Owner, The Art Counsel; Art Director, Glorious

  • Feeling empowered and inspired, feeling like when things go hard. Knowing that I have someone to help me with options. Sarah Blackie, CEO Esby & Co

  • Christopher, you are a gift to our coaching community, Aotearoa, and the world. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom. WEAVE was more of a success for having you contribute. Jason Henderson

  • I honestly never thought I would read your book as quickly as I did. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. Mind you, I will have to re-read sections of it and think about how I would answer the questions. I could actually hear you reading it. It is so insightful and certainly has left me thinking. Fiona would have been so so proud of you. I am grateful for having had you and Fiona in my life. Laura Leitch, Falkirk

  • I have read your book thoroughly and enjoyed it very much. I found some of the questions were deceptively simple! They looked very easy, but to answer them comprehensively required a great deal of effort and honesty. I am still pondering on some of them! I think these are the most important questions to me, and I will keep working on the answers. Grant Ramsay, Wellington

  • “Chris’s words and teachings are legitimised by the journey he has navigated to mean them. He is his and this book’s lived truth. Through tragedy and love, chaos and clarity, upheaval and centre, Chris has developed his teachings to a profound level of understanding. I recommend this book to anyone looking for any semblance of clarity in any area of their life.” — Kate Wilson, Adjudicator

  • “Christopher Miller has produced a comprehensive, non-didactic toolkit for anyone who wishes to add more meaning to their lives; the book, on the surface, is packed with comprehensible, time-efficient strategies designed to enhance anyone’s particular journey of self-development. It is clear, concise and written with true ‘Orwellian’ style, delightfully illustrated by the author’s son, Cameron. Not without subtle humour, Chris also reveals the triumphs and tragedies of his own particular journey through loss and grief as well as other significant personal roadblocks. In another sense it is so much more than a book about self-development as it reveals what unconditional love is and what the harrowing journey through grief consists of. It is a courageous and resilient testament laid bare at a deep, personal level that anyone can gain from.” — James Nelson, Wellington

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