The Joy of Finding FISH

What if the life you have is already more than enough?

Our relentless pursuit of ‘more’ never seems to reach ‘enough’. Rather than joining the line of books trying to change your life, The Joy of Finding FISH offers the belief that the life you have is already enough. The secret to a more fulfilling, inspiring, successful and happy life is the realisation that it is about being those things, rather than chasing them.


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What is the Joy of Finding FISH?

Filled with strategies to create your purpose, live your values, and pursue your Greatest Imaginable Challenge, The Joy of Finding FISH offers insight and inspiration to grow in a way that is personal to you.

Each chapter is rich with stories, swimming through topics such as resilience, embracing courage, celebrating achievements, exploring gratitude, and integrating your life roles in the pursuit of FISH.

In the midst of his own personal trauma, Christopher Miller shares his wisdom with deep love and honesty. His words offer hope grounded in reality, and demonstrate the joy that comes from living a life well-lived.

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Chapter Four - Understanding FISH

With our purpose and our values – and the fact that they are fluid and grow with us throughout life – we can now set out on the journey of finding FISH. This is not an arduous task, nor something you can get right or wrong. This is something to bring you joy. As we move through this chapter, we’ll learn how to score your FISH and how to order them. 

Chapter Eight - Pursuing Your Greatest Imaginable Challenge

Think of a Greatest Imaginable Challenge as a goal or intention to be experienced over a long period of time, perhaps a lifetime. Consider the pursuit of it as the goal itself. It represents your personal Mount Everest, to be climbed from base camp to summit, and perhaps beyond, experiencing and relishing every milestone along the way. This, really, is what we are on earth to do.

Chapter Twelve - Beyond Fish, and Towards Pure Joy

It’s tempting, in life, to be driven by the pursuit of a permanent state of being, one that says you’ve made it, one that gives your life meaning. For some, this aspired state is happiness. For others, success alone is their benchmark. Yet, such a narrow goal doesn’t usually survive the ups and downs that we all experience through a lifetime. Are you really going to be happy all the time? Can you guarantee success in every endeavour? And, in not meeting your desired state of being, it’s easy to become disillusioned and give up all together.